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The Good Neighbor Alliance Corporation offers Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare and Tufts Health Plans to employers of all sizes. We provide proposals with a variety of plan options to choose from. Please complete our census form for rates.

We provide administrative functions for companies with little time to devote to administrative tasks such as lost cards, change of address, terminations, status changes, etc. We provide all these services and more.

Our focus is to provide employee benefits tailored to each company's particular needs while keeping within the company's budget. Our staff presents and provides detailed explanations of plan benefits, final rates from carriers to our clients, and support services after the sale. We also explain how payroll taxes can be reduced through the use of Section 125 Pre-Tax Payment Plans.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield of RI Group Enrollment Checklist

Plan Comparison

Link to Small Group Employer Forms

To obtain final rates, the following must be completed and returned to GNAC by the 15th of the month PRIOR to your requested effective date, which is always the 1st of the month:

1. Complete and return the Group Enrollment Checklist.To avoid delays, please complete checklist in full and provide documentation requested.

2. Eligible employees must complete Membership Application(s) . Eligible employees who choose to waive coverage for themselves, their spouse or dependent(s) must sign the Small Employer Waiver Form/Certification. (For the definition of an "Eligible Employee" see Appendix I on the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI New Business Underwriting Checklist.)

3. Complete and return the Broker of Record Letter to GNAC.

4. Complete and sign the Sales Agreement.

5. Include 1 month's premium (and dental if applicable) payable to: Blue Cross / Blue Shield of RI.

Once Enrolled:

New Eligible Employees: May enroll after completing your company's designated wait period.

Example: Group with a 60 day wait: Date of Hire: December 20
Effective Date: March 1

To avoid enrollment processing delays, be sure:

  • Membership applications are completed in full. (EX.:social security no., date of birth, effective date, date of hire, and signed and dated.)
  • Waiting periods are satisfied.
  • Eligible employees who choose to waive coverage for themselves, their spouse, or dependent(s) must sign and return the Small Group Waiver Form/Certification to GNAC.

* Late Entrants: Employees and/or dependents that do not enroll at time of eligibility must wait until your group's next renewal and must have met your group's waiting period. Exceptions are qualifying events that include a new marriage, loss of spousal coverage, change in employment status, birth, adoption, or legal guardianship and those who qualify for late enrollment under the late enrollment guidelines. (Documents Required)

* Terminations: GNA must receive the request five days prior to the requested effective date by mail, fax, or email of the employee's termination stating the termination date and the reason for termination. All terminations are effective the last day of each month.

* Changes: Cannot be taken over the phone. You may mail, fax or email your change to GNAC (Ex.: terminations, address, name, etc.)

Dental Insurance

To Receive a dental quote, please fill out the Census Form and check off Blue Cross Dental or Delta Dental (if you have 3 or more employees interested in Delta Dental).

All Forms must be returned to GNAC no later than the 23rd of the month, for coverage to be effective the 1st of the following month.